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Book hotel rooms and ignore everything. I am going on vacation today.

Me as a person always wanted to visit lands that are different. Even see the upper Peninsula of Michigan. Where there are nothing but trees and my two feet with vast lands I can explore. Maybe take a trip to San Diego, where there is nothing but seventy-degree weather all year round. Even try the good ol’ down south. Where I see Atlanta’s night life where the booties shake and the waffle houses has proved to be infamously delicious. Then take a trip to Miami, where the Art Walk in Wynwood takes place every 2nd Saturday, a hot tourist attraction. Many places wanderlust can take somebody, why not take you’re self to see what is going on out there in the world.

If I had the money, I would buy a round trip plane ticket to go anywhere of my hearts desire for the weekend. Experiencing the different elements of life has to offer. Traveling is surely one of those things; tasting different cultural foods. My taste buds would dance with the different flavors of America. I feel rejuvenated in spirit when I experience brand new sh*t. It makes me ready to be excited on an experience I have to put up with in my life. I can always self-reflect back on that last trip I took, then take another one. Why not enjoy the special things in life ? Attractions like Magic city, Six Flags and the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located on this beautiful world, just calling our name.