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Iconic 80’s Fashion Designer Dapper Dan Links A Partnership With Gucci

Dapper Dan recently landed a partnership with Gucci. Not much is known what the two brands are putting together. This has once again put the spotlight back on an entrepreneur that grew up in Harlem with a dollar and a dream. His recent collection is reflective of the style that was popular in the late 80’s. This collection of clothing is truly an art form in itself. This 80’s style is resurrected through an authentic tastemaker that started a boutique during this era. His boutique consisted of piecing together brand-name logos on jackets and over-coats. During this time he was creating something that people had a taste for. He seen the people loved Gucci, so he gave them Gucci.

Dapper Dan being the iconic cultural figure he is. He worked exclusively with the likes of Beyoncé. The fashion designer is also going to have a bio pic created in the likeness of his success. Showing his tales of growing up with holes in his shoes then becoming a legend. Dapper Dan business has fell apart then rebirthed from the ashes, still keeping the clients he had worked with. He sees the world of hip-hop as a culture that helped shaped the identity of many Americans closets. The impact hip-hop has on fashion is undeniable, and he proudly wears the essence of it on his sleeves.

Bxnk Interview about Brand quality and Collaborating with other content providers



Napalm Spot sat down and interviewed one of the clothing companies that has major promises for the future. Being on the up-rise in Detroit, they have gained attention, increasing popularity and revenue. The clothing company shows no halt, they continue to excel by bringing together creative minds alike for a great turn-out. Contacting vendors and renting space too showcase the potential here that is offered. Stephen shared some thoughts on the future of the company and the promises it holds.

“I was very happy about the turnout of the Meetup. There’s already over 150 photos posted on Instagram from the event (check out #bxnkmeet to see the photos). I’m confident that there’s a bright future for Detroit’s creative industry witnessing all the talented creatives and artists at the event. 

Since we are so new, we haven’t had a chance to see if brand responsibility is helping boost sales. We’ve been really focusing on marketing and these pop-up events, and that’s definitely been helping. However, I know other brands that focus on brand responsibility, that’s where all of their sales come from”- @Doubleohstephen

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is The Deadly Fierce Heading Too Detroit

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the car of Twenty-eighteen. The cap for production of this vehicle was set at 3’300. The Demon was set for a viper red paint job and is now heading off the product assembly line at Ontario. Comparably more top of the line car to the twenty-eighteen challenger SRT Hell Cat.  The car has an 6.2L Hemi SRT Demon V8 engine. Set for peek performance, this car is street-race ready.

Detroit has always been known for living the lavish-lifestyle of balling out the gym. This car will be a nice addition to any person who is into money making tactics or earning their funds through street racing. Just like any SRT that you see driving around in Detroit, this new addition will be the biggest car you see in a FMB DZ Music Video. 2pac would ride this car like the BWM 7 series, this car will be sure too fit the lifestyles of the lavish.