Saajtak talks music and personality creating sonic perspectives





Before giving a stellar performance on stage at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Detroit, we had a three minute interview. Discussing the origins of their name, plus the different musical projects they have in the works. The personality behind this electronic infused opera group was warm and friendly. This interview was captured during the three day marathon at the Strange Beautiful Music 10 Festival.

You can also purchase their Spokes Ep  from Bandcamp


New Music Detroit  Detroit Bureau of Sound

Jevonte DayKofa & Runny E Drops Tunnel Vision

Me And Emmanuel


Two long time collaborators dropped another song today “Tunnel Vision”. After dropping Legacies, they continue on their win streak of dropping traditional hip-hop records that still carry current culture trends. On Tunnel Vision they both rap higher conscious lyrics, rapping double timed with interchanging flows. The symbolism that both these rappers carry on these verses, show that these two are metaphorically and philosophically ahead of their time.

Runny E kicks the song off saying, “Fuck yo insight,  I got it envision, seeing the one with intentions, splendid chameleons, love when I’m heated and hate when im Chilling”. On the third verse Jevonte DayKofa raps tells from the hood and the omen that surrounds it. “Spirit teacher, gangster preacher, another ether cleaver seething reaper hand is cold as winter, I can hear the herses callin’, Re-rock like he dancin in it got a scholar ship from gymnast whippin.'”

Depression Pt.2 > Gravitational Pull



I can feel impeding thoughts pull me in different directions, not knowing which direction to take.


“Why don’t you go run around the block, get a good cardio exercise in?”


“You know, you have some papers to file away….”


“Damn, I have to take time out my day to clean my room, I had let my clothes piled up for weeks.”


“Is smoking weed the best choice to take at this moment ?”


With each and every statement that echoes. I became imprisoned. No way to break away, I sat there,” will this action bring an outcome that will have a positive impact?”. You think on past memories and current plans. You let time pass you by, not taking action on any of the things you planned to do. This is the life of a chronic thinker, I lost my will to take action. Some people like to label it as depression, I like to call it being stuck within the “mental plane of existence”.  


Me being isolated in my mind, I let my task become a victim to procrastination. When the time to take action is now ! Why wait for action to take place, when the motion has not been set ? This is a mindset I have to live by. Stand up for yourself, do not let the thoughts ruin your day. Choose at least one action.


I chose, then my destiny is set on a crash course to a series of outcomes to be. Thinking of all what can go wrong and what can go right had relinquished from my thoughts.


Riches pass through the currency system as the water that flows through egypt rivers. The civilians of that nation wake every morning to catch fish by the river side. Will they idly stand by and let food slip from their grasp ? This is the way to eat. If a man do not fish he do not eat.


I myself sleep in everyday, waking up at least 11:00 am. Laying there until 12pm, thinking has left me paralyzed. I know I need to make a choice but not know which way to turn. Sometimes the answer is in your face. I know the answer is in my face, I just have to know how to take it for a feast.


The diner plate talk to me in my sleep…..


“Your food is becoming cold as the minutes pass by.”


This is the most expensive dish that only the royalist of worldly conquerors have sink their teeth into.”


“The only thing you have to do is decide to pick up your fork to eat within this feast.”


I respond back half woke…


“How can I eat if there is no fork ?”


“My nigga, these forks are no where around for me to find”


Until, I woke my eye, move in faith, saw my opportunity, then dominated. I had to seek Light for Motivation

Octvne Gives Detroit Flavor With His Latest Single


Detroit rapper Octvne has been on a consistent grind since his release of the “Always Clocked In” mixtape . Octvne’s promoted single, “Flavor” ,has reached over eight hundred plays and continues to gain traction after the release of his tape. Octvne continues his grind with fellow wordsmith super group Blvk Tvod.  He is one of those artist from Detroit that brings something new to the table.

Jay-Z Story of Oj Remake Tutorial By Leaufix


Jay-Z “4:44” boast a single that caught the attention of the internet by storm. Oj Story is a song that deals with economic structure in his community growing up. The song also deals with racial issues. The video it-self adds more light to the story that is being told. The Story Of Oj is produced by No I.D, he sampled Nina Simone. No I.D had intricite cuts on this record. Producer Leaufix decided to show us the technique that went into producing such a cut.



Finding Light In The Darkness…My Mental State Is not reality



Losing yourself is losing something that can not be put into a dollar amount. I myself lost people and status that I treasured the most, causing me to realize the importance of time. These things that were apart of my identity is now gone , challenging me to reinterpret life and myself. As my mind sits, ruminating on the outcomes of today from the problems of tomorrow, I noticed that created a sense of worry. Thinking on the non-existent, instead of the present moment. Also, from me being idle, that is when my imagination takes a hold. I can see the depths of my demons, wondering should I end it all today. When that is not the case, I just need to experience more within life instead of anticipation wash me underneath the tormented sea.

I sometimes believe my mind suffers from schizophrenia, as I can hear chants in my head. These chants tell me that, “I have enemies waiting to gun me down on my next move”. The random images that pop into my head then it happens within the next time frame, affirming me that my thoughts is real. When in reality(that exist outside of my own), I need to escape from my world. I put to much value into my thoughts, which is why my physical being will suffer. I suggest to myself, instead of living in the “Fifth dimension“, I need to live in the physical realm of existence. I challenge those that are reading this to go seek happiness, or succumb to the fear of your own mental prison. I became happier as I seek for new relationships and reinvent myself within life. It helps keeps my mind balance and take myself out of my thoughts. Although they still come back to haunt me, the will to fight them is what keeps my sanity. 

Fixing Term Oil With Your Significant Other

We all reach a point in every relationship were we do not know whether to turn left, right or go forward. You think the best thing to do is walk away, the point of no return has been reached. You can not even stand of being in the same room as one another. Television has became more attractive than your significant other. What’s left to do, break up or file for divorce ?

I think the best option is to find the spark within your relationship again. Seeking new outlets together to explore, or going out on dates again. I think couples can fall apart due to school, work and balancing out your personal life. Jealousy can also tend to rise when we spend more time with other conquest than our own partners. Take time and enjoy life together, you may find it rewarding.

I also believe that sometimes, couples therapy may be a great outlet. Have you became a changed person overtime within the period of being together. Change is great, your partner has not been able to adjust. They may still think of you as a cheater that likes to have sex with everything that walks. Change can bring about fear or emotional scars. Seek couples therapy if you want to try and get it fixed. You guys we’re together through it all. Why let it go now ?


Write out the pro’s and Con’s of what you like about your relationship and see what can be done to improve them.