T/ / E O Bizniz


This mix put together by Canadian native T / / E O is submerged in lean, wax and dabs. This mix is the drug of choice if you want to zone out to some beats that are soothing for you’re ear. I sat through this whole mix, the cut that caught my attention was the remix that they did of Pimp C that samples “Michael McDonald-I Keep Forgetting”, two monumental artist that were a turning point for RnB and Hip-Hop. Then it transitions into a Migos remake. This mix can be played in any smoked out room with topless snow bunnies and ebony models, indulging in any drug of choice. Make sure to check out his soundcloud @Frozenpeas1241.


HTC Vive is leaving Sony And Xbox in the past


HTC Vive is the future for the way we play games. You ever want to enter into an interactive world and actually feel like you are buss’n a cap in a N**** A**. Than the Vive is the next gen system you need. This headset will surely put analog consoles in the past. With it’s innovative technology you will be immersed into another landscape. The HTC Vive comes with over a thousand games to stream. This video gaming world offers a lot of diversity and comes with an app store so you can feel at home in this online realm of existence. Although the technology is different, it offers the same capabilities you can access on any electronic that has been created within this technological era. With game titles that grow at a rapid pace you will never grow tired of this console. With titles like, “Star Trek: Bridge Crew”, “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” and the soon to be released “Resident Evil VII Biohazard”, this console is the future of gaming.



Rosie And The Fellas- Caught In A Trap (Midwest Video Nominations)


Rosie And The Fellas have build a unique lane for themselves that has not been explored yet in Detroit. I would describe this eclectic music group as pop/punk/rap mixed in a gumbo pot to give an authentic flavor that is surely to die for. The video was done by JayShotIt, the sequence of shots that went into this video is very dynamic. It jumped from one scene to another. The first was a short skit, describing the difference between how a man and a woman thinks. Then it showed Rosie exiting her vehicle to meet up for a crazy party on the altar. The scenes jump in between Rosie propped against a tree and True Animal walking the street with his posse. To add extra flavor within the video, it showed the band performing their single with smoke surrounding their one of a kind stage presence. Make sure too keep up with Rosie And The Fellas and vote for them for the MWVMA Awards.  They are making power moves within the media industry.






Rayne Bars- Know U Better

Detroit native Rayne Bars keeps traditional backpack rap alive with this new cut. The inner rhyme scheme within this song is truly amazing. The vivid imagery in this song left me amazed. He describes himself as an introverted thinker trying to find his true self. He really values his heart, “I couldnt reach the depths of my soul, so I still hate me”. I am anticipating his tape.



KashTeam Next Up Tape


“Grew up in the struggle hitting on water on the stove, just to keep the house warm” 


KashTeam next up tape is truly a hood n**** classic. Each and every track on the “Next Up” tape is truly some sh** you can slang dope out the bando too.  The rap group resides in Lagrange Georgia. The southern accents over trap beats makes me feel like I’m listening to a certified hood classic.  If you went through the struggle, you can relate to the tape. Some qoutables from the tape.


“Most of these niggas some peons/I promise I never be none/ Might pull up with damn near three guns/caught bullet better hope you dion/In the hood and we smoking on pressure/Getting money over here no pressure/Fucking on yo hoe so flexing/ Told the lil nigga we next up”

On My Grind

“Got a lot on my mind/ Got to get my mama a house/ From the hood just tryna make it out”

“Im on my grind take it one step at a time”

“Its a lot of people that dont believe in us but when the money come they gone wanna chief with us”


Standout track: Trapstar


Jean-Michel Basquiat And Neo-Expressionism(The Punk Rock Artist)



Neo-Expressionism started in 1970, the art usually derives from drawings that rely on historical, political and even erotic subjects. Neo-Expressionism is describe as taking the social norms of society and creating a more distorted version of it. The paintings usually are ambiguous, showing a disturb state that created this artwork with intense colors that flow together wonderfully. Neo-Expressionism has a focus on romanticism with Mythology and Historical context.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a street smart painter who transitioned from being a graffiti artist to being one of the worlds most renowned Neo-Expressionist of his time. His artwork is currently valued at fifty-million dollars. Basquait mixed in urban art with a contemporary style; reintroducing the human subject in a unique way. His most notable works are, “Untitled”,  “Flexible”, and “Arm and Hammer II” .  In the 1980’s Jean-Michel Basquit collaborated with Andy-warhol. Both of their free spirited style of creation makes since as of why this would happen Both artist do not rely on a normal context when they craft their work of art. Their collaborations was featured on corporate logos and cartoons. At age twenty-five he exhibited a numerous amount of his paintings at the Kestner-Gesellschaft Gallery in Hanover, Germany. Making him one of the youngest artist to have a showcase there.


“Untitled” By Jean-Michel Basquiat 



“Arm And Hammer II” By Jean-Michel Basquiat 



“Flexible” By Jean-Michel Basquiat