Strength In Love(Thank You #NapalmSupporters)

The love for my mother and the love she gives me makes me think brighter. Actually working together as a team; share dreams, goals and visions that will make each other believe.  When I see my brothers that I love going separate paths. I makes sure I do my best to grow with them. Stay focus on the end goal. I have to remember the love everybody that came up with me gave,especially, it is most important to not forget where you came from. The strength of my love will always keep me going. I will not let the love you give go in vein, I had to believe in myself in order too gain. If I did not love myself, I would not realize the love you gave too me. If I did not love you guys, I would not know how too love Napalm.


Love YoSelf Yung N166@!! 

Bitter Sweet

Article Contributions By: Rain 


The beauty of aesthetics, the way you sway makes me move by your walk. Pink that sits lovely upon your chest top. Eyelashes that flutter when you feel emotions that can’t stop. What is love? Love is being attracted to the appeal of a person. Attraction comes when we recognize what we resonate with. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, some would say. I myself, instantly find woman with a mystical quality irresistible. She was that unique personality  that stood out from the rest.


Her imagination takes a hold, like how his arms caresses around her body, while enjoying the smell of his Calvin Klein cologne. She attracts too his entrepreneurial qualities that shows strength and determination. His comedic humor brought an aesthetic too how I attract too him.


You say this love is a dangerous thing, is that why you’re heart is so caged? Is that why you rather do everything alone? Maybe you’re right. When love goes wrong, hate can become the aftermath. But I beg to differ, if you love, than you can forgive. I strongly believe, If you love than you can love yourself. Just to forget what the last person did. You let hate turn you so cold, you let hate blur your vision as to how beautiful the world can be. It’s not love that is dangerous, it’s hate”


Even though he had missing pieces and cracks on every angle, he still had flowers growing from them. Cold is what the world made him out to be. What was blind to the eye was his heart, one that kept him warm but caged up with the key tossed into despair. He refused to let anyone touch it in fear that key becoming just as cold as his skin.


I say Love is everywhere but nowhere at the same time. If you put nothing but love onto this earth, there would be no such crimes. Where there is love there is complication. To love everyone yet love one single soul is proof. You love a field full of roses, but nothing compares to that only star that shines so bright in the sky. That’s why i’m attracted to you. The aesthetics of  your moves mesmerized my mood.




Rain is currently enrolling in Oakland Community College and have an interest in graphic designing and veterinarian work.  Thank you for all the contributions you made in helping the vision come alive.

The Internet Is Under Invasion By Our Government! Act Now!

The internet is a tool allowing the exchange of products and services; akin to the Silk Road that existed in 1877. But imagine a Silk Road where services can be brought, trade and sold at a faster rate. Students,on the pursuit of knowledge, have access to the best teachers around the world. The internet has also furthered the advancement of research; electronic files have never been so easier to access, allowing scientist around the world to collaborate. College degrees, in my opinion, has devalued thanks to the power of the internet. With the right knowledge,a person with ideas can become the millionaire of tomorrow. Not being in huge amount of debt thanks to student loans.

Stores like Walmart, Target and even Best Buy, face great threat thanks to online competitors. Consumers have more options and avoid taxation of the products they buy. People are afforded possibility, the power of choice is all in the click of a button. This allows more equal opportunity amongst the people. Increasing the probability to see success within a person’s lifetime. Not having to sit within the confines of an educational institution. All you need to succeed in the technological age is a good product and marketing campaign.  Employers are now using social media too screen their potential candidates for hire. Social media has also helped landed people better jobs too further their career. The internet has had great influence in our economic structure.

It has seen tremendous amount of growth, since computer scientist,Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. It has reached such a peak the government and large corporations has interest in control of it. Imagine an online world where you have to pay more to visit your favorite websites. Giving start-up companies (like myself) a major downfall. Net Neutrality gives everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their content. People like Ajit V. Pai are hard at work, fighting against the idea of open internet. Taking away our freedom of speech, voice and the ability to share content. We have seen many movements grown into fabrics of American society, helping fight social injustices we face today. If Net Neutrality is broken, entrepreneurship in the digital age will be a thing of the past. The pursuit of knowledge will also be tampered with, giving less access to those not of fortune. Imagine living in a technological world; where you have to pay more money to access the content you like, over a tool that has been free to the public for over ten years. Many of us want freedom, internet has given us all a chance to experience that. The limitations that are placed on some has been lifted. I can read as much as I want. Watch as much movies as I want, an even know different types of people around the world. Music has also been thriving, giving more independent musicians,such as Chance The Rapper, a chance to be heard. Not relying on big corporations too have an influence on how we want to release our art and touch the people.  


The Fight Starts Here

NxppyHead Broward Is A Lightning Streak In The Summers Sky


Broward embraces the aesthetics of ambiance and style. Broward is the tape that will have you rolling you’re next joint. You will get lost in the atmospheric melodic trap symphony Heart$ provide. The way the 808’s  punches through dreamy instrumentation, the listener will know what a thunder cloud sounds like. I can envision this tape being played on a night drive home from the club. The production on this tape defines cloud rap in a nut shell. A ethereal ghostly vibe encased in new generation romanticism. The stand out track, Alive, is the song I love the most. The singer Domingo Black delivers a melodic flow with thoughtful ambiguous lyrics. The production behind “Alive”, matches the hopeless romantic vibe a Tumblr beauty lives by.


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Depression moves FAST

Depression affects 6.8 million adults worldwide. Everyday activities like work and relationships can have an influence on mental health. Why is depression a plague, harvesting it’s disease on the minds of many Americans? We live in a fast paced economic environment that creates a sense of worry. We ruminate about loss of income and when the next season of Empire will be released, all while giving updates on social media. We consume are everyday lives with what is going on around us, we distract away from what happiness is.


I got diagnosed with Antidepressant medication in 2015. Me and my family finally moved out the “hood”, as some would like to call it, only to still face the struggles of our reality. During this time I was attending Oakland Community College, not having the money to support myself, I came to school looking like a scene out of thriller. I still was able to project confidence, burying away the insecurities of what I was faced with, only too give myself and others around me strength. Some would describe me as a happy-go-lucky shy type of nerd. But through the smile, I had a deep sense of worry for myself and those around me. How is my mom going to pay the rent ? My little sisters seem really happy here, they finally have the opportunity to feel what it is like living in an environment that is not affected with misery, misunderstanding and crime. My mom can go to work and not feel a burden or stress.  She feels a sense of peace coming home to a place with no worry around her. All these things that are on my mind created depression. I did not realize I was having depression. I had a constant fear of paranoia and not trusting others. Trouble with breathing and irregular heartbeats three times throughout my day. Each and every time I would ask for help, no one around me knew what to do. Until one day I schedule a doctor’s appointment. I explained the situation, only for them too suggest that I may suffer from Bipolar disorder, Manic Depression and even Sleep Apnea. They gave me a number too see a psychiatrist an anti depressants to cope with what I was dealing with. As I took the medicine, it did not have a positive affect. It actually made things worse in how I dealt with life. I had a hard time picking up the phone to talk to my brother and then girlfriend. It even caused me to lose the motivation to write another song. I woke up one morning hallucinating my baby sister was an octopus. I immediately discontinued use from that point on. I think serotonin is a precious chemical that is not to be played with. I learned how to find inner peace. I did that on thinking about brighter tomorrows. Achieving something positive everyday.


By taking the focus off ourselves, we can wash away the worries that we allow society too give to us. Join the cause and donate too FAST, it is a program to help the youth stay on the right track. Let’s end this plague of depression together by helping the hearts of the children. Human healing has to come from within before it manifest to reality.

Shh……. The Introvert is at work

Silence is the most powerful response in existence. For ourselves and even for others. Silence can also be used in certain practices, bringing the element of surprise in any situation or conversation. Silence can also be used too get in touch with your inner thoughts. A quote I also find of interest by Albert Einstein, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”.

When you open you’re mouth to speak you are inviting trash to be received. Only speak when it is at something of value or people that value you. Add a mystery to you’re allure and give information that is needed. Why waste you’re mouth grovelling at the unnecessary details to only reveal more of yourself. I met some pretty quite people in my lifetime. These are the people who minds has conversed throughout a scenario with complete focus.  Not letting one word slip away to break their focus. Actually, sitting in solitude is a step in learning self love. You are not only valuing yourself, BUT ALSO THE INFORMATION YOU HOLD. 

Choose to break silence when met with company that adds value to what you do. Me personally, im not the strong silent type, but I choose to have conversation that will value and increase me, not decrease. Letting garbage evade your mental temple, you will be faced with the sign of the times from within. You give value to words by saying them, that is why I practice, “thinking before I speak”. I do not want certain phrases to invade my head to give an image that I do not want to think on. Spend a time of your day, today, if you may and sit in silence.  Your ideas will surely thank you.

Back From A Great Honey Moon Vacation



A beautiful relationship that you feel can not be replaced.  You been on dates, enjoying the moments of intimacy shared. The first three months were great. Cannoning after dark as the moonlight beams upon the lakes current. You lock eyes with the love of your life wishing this reality do not come to a cessation. Destiny has already been planned in your mind, you have hopes of walking the altar.

Six months later, tension has been building. Miscommunication has became frequent and you do not realize what is happening. You thought you had it all figured out, then realize the admiration she had for dispersed into the vapors. Forgetting the realistic circumstances that love is a mere potion. You then ask yourself, am I too deep ? Where did I go wrong within this relationship.

Love is more than just having a good time. It is a long haul journey that requires vision and goals. After the lust has died down what is the plans next going forth in the relationship? The honey moon was just a vacation, now it is back to the real world. Both you guys are returning to college and live on separate campuses. One likes to party every night while the other has sleep deprivation. Different priorities, both put you guys on a standstill. Now what is next, Communicate to rule the nation ? Or if you really love something you let it go ?