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Nelson Mandela And Being In America- A poisoned heart

Nelson Mandela fight against the Apartheid system gained notoriety during his twenty-seven years of imprisonment. During those years, he continued to spread on his teaching, motivating activist- too end the fight on segregation. Although he was going through harsh prison conditions, he still had to go through racism in the prison. Having being fed less better than the other nationalities he was with during his time on Robben Island. Some say these formative years are the ones that helped influenced him too become an even better man than he was before.

I myself, find much inspiration in Nelson Mandela story. Having to go through harsh conditions, he still manage too have great influence in the prison he was stationed at. We as Americans complain about going through the daily routines of life. Feeling imprisoned within our own insanity, we need to embrace the feet’s that Mandela has chosen to climb. Not through word, but throughout our actions. This is a man that has chosen to throw away his rights at the cost of freeing a nation- carrying a great love for his people. A quote that resonates with me that Mandela has spoken, “Resentment is like drinking poison, than hoping it will kill you’re enemies“.

If we continue too drink the poison we see daily in human interaction in our western society, we will be the poison that was imbedded in the mindset of society. I think that is the point behind Nelson Mandela legacy. He spoke, breathed and teach for a better tomorrow that consisted of freedom from the poisons our human mind can harbor. Yes, we have to work to continue on a better tomorrow. Yes, we have to deal with a broken crisis that may be sitting in our family homes. But it is the passion inside of you, that will cause great change for a better tomorrow, rejecting all poison to embrace the power of love.

Technology and Human experience

We have self-driving cars, virtual realities and even being able to upload you’re consciousness to a robot.  I believe that we are getting to a point in life- in which human interaction will become non-existent within five years. Twenty years we are going to be living life like a scene out of Futurama.

People are becoming more and more with drawn from life. The average person does not even go outside, they rather be entertained in doors. I myself, have found great satisfaction in going outside. I met a lot of great faces, the faces that are helping mold Detroit to become an even better place than it was yesterday.

Although n***a’s around the world have more information at their finger tips at a shit fast pace, jobs are now being taken over by robots. Cashiers have been replaced with self check out, along with phone operators. Music is devaluing even more, with streaming becoming more popular, making physical purchases become obsolete. What is an humans existence even worth now ? We work to feed the robots and the rich that can afford this over priced technological shit fest.

Technology has had some positive gain advancing fields such as medicine and science.  We have pace makers too help maintain a person heart. We also had explored the depths of our cosmos thanks to the advancement of science- discovering many vast planets. But when are we going to stop letting it interfer with our day to day interaction with people?