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Jevonte DayKofa – Revolving Doors[Prod and Mixed By : Dr.Atzar. Lyrics written and History behind song



Verse One

Step inside a cylinder, Diamond shaped perimeter/

Glass doors reflecting all my fears that are sinister/

Behind me a doctor with a briefcase thats holding tranquility, cure of cancer and a mental illness affect me in my Vicinity

Ahead of me

Engineers advancing technology cell phone planted in my body/

Sheet of fiber material separating me from the confines of illuminati/

Pyramids, eyelashes, implanted, on pinnacle power of money moving chess pieces like hockey/

Secret Society I spin on a poltergeist/

Move me like a puppet politicians quote it nice/

A wall that’s standing tall right before my eye sight/


Life is a revolving door I think I popped a red pill/

Life is a revolving door I think I popped a blue pill/

Life is a revolving door i’m Neo in the Matrix/

Pinnacles of power moving chess Pieces like hockey/


All of my niggas they selling that pew X3

Verse Two

When I go outside this door way, do or die time/

Im fighting three strikes memories of a prison light/

Stabbed to death/

Out of breath a CO told me hold tight/

Incarceration physically bound but I can still take flight/


On the floor that pussy wet/

Bleed to death/

I would never climb these walls/

Cause my daddy tried to ball/

Crack cocaine invested in my DNA/


Curtis Mayfield sold cocaine/

David Ruffin Snort his Pain/


Life is a revolving door I think I popped a red pill/

Life is a revolving door I think I popped a blue pill/

Life is a revolving door i’m Neo in the Matrix/

Pinnacles of power moving chess Pieces like hockey/


All of my niggas they selling that pew X3

History of song:

When Atzar first sent this song to Jevonte DayKofa it came naturally. The song is really about the power of choice. Red pill grants you all the knowledge about what is around you, while the blue pill represents ignorance is bliss. With Jevontae Being Neo in the Matrix, he describes the power of the forces he faces outside in his community. This song comes off of Dr.Atzar’s album Down To Earth.



Recovery, Short Poem By Chayla Adkins

Chayla is a student at the University of Toledo. She also is majoring in psychology and has a poem published in her school magazine. A person of many talents, she let Napalm release one of her poems on this platform. This piece is for woman going through trial and tribulations. This poem really made me sit back and reflect on the power of psychological abuse.

Napalm Poetry.jpg

Dr.Atzar The Surgeon Behind Sound

Dr.Atzar Blog.PNG


Dr.Atzar is the surgical mastermind that delves into each track with sonic abstraction. As I was listening to his new album, The Sound Doctor, he gave us a look into what talents he hold. The album is just as quirky like the sporadic production  Fly-lo makes. Each instrumental feels like a acid trip that is positive with daffodils dancing upon a powerful almighty being. Dr.Atzar Scaffold is galactical, cutting through a dark hole to give us time stamps that embraces what it means to be the smiling hippie within the universe.

This album is an abstraction of many different sounds, styles and tempos. The album leaves you wondering how does this one man wonder does it. Each track tells a sonic story, Especially on “SnowFlakes Dawn”. The bells that come into this song welcomes the listener into a world that feels like Narnia. The beat then builds up with Synthesizers and tropic drums, leaving me guessing what is going to happen next. Each and every moment of this song activates my theatric mind. I can imagine myself going down a very steep snow hill dodging all types of icepicks in hopes that I make it to the bottom safely. That’s when the transition in this beat snaps me out of my dream land. I’m now dancing with big foot’s wife on the top of Mt.Rushmore. Hot chocolate brewing in the Igloo courtesy of frosty the snowman. Ready to be served for the guest at the party. This project is an hour long and is very ambitious, there is a transition within almost each instrumental. He uses the sounds to really entice the listener’s imagination.


This is the first song I listened to by Dr.Atzar. This song is really what made me fell in love with his sound. I realized the psychedelic coolness that vibed from his music.


I also thought his remake of Justin Bieber was pretty dope. Showing the versatility he has as an music producer.


ScreenShot Dr.Atzartwo

Dr.Atzar Screenshot




Setbacks please step back.


After dealing with the power outage that was a widespread disaster throughout the Wayne county residence. I had a wrench thrown into my plans. I wanted to create more but was hindered with no electricity. Two weeks ago I had a loved one in a hospital. How could I create with the worry of a family member in mind? Things that are out of our control happens throughout time.

I was sitting with my mom discussing plans of the future and how negative energy can bring down a person’s success factor. As we were ruminating on the positive, the lights suddenly came back on. Television running, internet cut back on, and I had the electricity to power my media devices. VOLA! Just like that, I was back into the twenty first century. No more I had to feel I was living in ninety- sixty-three. Then  I had a momentary  flashback, telling my mother to stop expecting the power to be restored. When DTE estimated that it would be on by Friday 11:30 and was let down many of times. After reading that there were still over one hundred thousand customers without power, hope was dim. I expected the worst, a stale bologna sandwich with extra mold on the side, how much more horrible can it get?

There is no such thing as down without up. Yes, the power was off and yes it came back into effect eventually. During the time of me having the power off, I had time to self-reflect and access information I only can have available to me leaving the confines of my creative comfort zone. The will to overcome and stay focused on the end goal, will always persevere over the negative that is there. While sitting with my loved one in the hospital, I gained more knowledge and experience that is worth more than what I created. Setbacks are only there to remind you of why you are on your journey in the first place. Setbacks can sometimes open up more routes than you intended for to be opened. Setbacks can also reroute your journey to a greater destination in sight.  You can not have life without learning experiences. That is the only true way to grow.


The city that made Dilla and Blade



The Detroit music scene has always told the inner city story. Blade Icewood,  represented one half of Detroit, the side that embraces the mentality of street life. The grit, grime and money that comes from being a “Boss” while walking a thin line between life and death. Another musician that comes to mind is Producer J Dilla. He represented one side that resonates with the heart, battling with lupus, he still managed to cement himself in the history books by crafting classics. Both are legends within the city, both represented different scenes of Detroit’s hip-hop culture. Although the artist represents two different sides of the city, it is a common idea that stands between the both. The will to be a warrior fighting odds in a city ridded with frostbite and bullet holes.

Blade Icewood rose to prominence with the Street lordz rap group. Then branching off to a solo career with undeniable street anthems, “Come Roll” and “Boy would you”. The club anthems was the backdrop music that could be played in any VIP section with bottles of champagne with the finest woman on the face of this earth. Mink to the floor with gaitor shoes that come from the expenses of brands you can not pronounce. Establishing himself as more than a rapper with club anthems, he released “Give you my all” and “Great Lake Ruler”, two classics that shows the depth of his lifestyle and what comes with it. Giving us the tales of the street life, he showed listeners the sacrifices and the victory that comes with it.

Blade was more than just a rapper to the city. He was a businessman that pushed his own music in the underground circuit. People resonated with him because he stood for something that all natives in Detroit stand for. Get money, handle business, stay out the way. He refused to sign a record deal unless it was for more than a million dollars. The respect he earned in the streets even made him relatable in his music. He applied the success he seen into selling dope in his other ventures, leaving his old lifestyle behind.

Dilla was battling unfortunate circumstances that affected his lifestyle. Although he had Lupus he still managed to created music that will live in every Detroiter heart. Producing for Slum Village, Proof, Common, Erykah badu, he gave all artist a taste of Detroit. A soulful sound with a swing that can not be replicated even with the most skillful of ear and talent. He carried the sixties of Motown era Detroit in his work of art.

Even Dilla stated himself that being Independent is the best way to go. He pushed his music through underground platforms. After going through tough battles with his label to get his commercial album released. He released the RUFF DRAFT on a independent label. He was not going to let anyone or anything stop him from getting the music to the people. He was for the culture and for the people.

Both artist never gave up, both artist still seen there vision through to the end. Even if it was at the cost of health or life, they embraced what Detroit stood for. Push through the circumstances and you will see the fruit of your label grow. Coming from a place of harsh economic development, crime, and poverty. They took the essence of what Detroit was and where they came from and used it in there music. Detroit has helped mold musicians of this time to be the unstoppable deadly force that they came from .


Music I Chopped Slopped and screwed together in honor of both of them.(In No way I own Rights to this material, for educational and promotional purposes)








Motivation was never patient I had to chase it. The Gift God Gave me



The father of five waking up every morning to the rising sun. He has a feeling of unsatisfaction everyday waking up. Why? He thought he was living the american dream, a beautiful job, beautiful wife and five children. He hears his kids bright screams chasing up the steps as they tell him they are ready to head out for school. His wife is easing herself out of bed as the sunlight beckons on her beautiful slim face. In the back of his mind he  fights an inner battle. He is slowly falling apart at the hands of pressure. But what keeps him going? Motivation, the motivation his job gives him when they make him feel a sense of belonging within their company culture. The motivation of his family, his kids, to support them and see prospering youth in this capitalistic dominated culture. When he looks at the brighter aspects like the morning sun that peeks through his window at the start of every day, he conquers. Although, he has bills to pay, wife laid off, and there fridge is practically empty with the last of their savings spent. The will to survive is what motivates him. What if motivation is bigger than money itself? Bigger than you and I, the blessing is bestowed everyday when we awake to the presence of today. That is the present, that is the blessing. The will to fight again. When a warrior is faced with a tough dilemma in battle, his will to succeed is what will drive him to victory. Motivation is the key component to tapping into your inner true self.  

Me being a rap artist that is musically inclined, blogs, endorses other content, pursuing a career in real estate and being the ambition monster I am. I ask myself what keeps me pushing? What are my motivations?  I actively do music but I see no payout for what I am doing.  The reward I received from me doing music is being connected to a culture within a culture that believes in my vision just as much as I do. A culture that is forward moving with thought, innovation and the will to be FREE. What I notice amongst all of us that are artist, we tend to be control freaks. The one who is always willing to fight with the hands of destiny to see the outcome overturn in our favor. Even when the odds stacked against us and ten percent of the earth’s population does music(this is not statistically LOL). The power of motivation is just as blinding as being struck by an arrow shot from cupid into are eye sockets. Not seeing the reality of what it is, but what it can be. 

That is when imagination is the power we hold as a human species. The power to believe and achieve is what drives motivation through the roof. Fantasizing the life we want to live instead of the life we we’re taught to live. Fantasizing for a better tomorrow. Fantasizing for a better life for the people we love. This is worth more than money itself.




Motivation and imagination is what every master magician utilizes to manifest imagination into reality 

Sometimes I may say are motivations may lead us down a path less traveled by those. What if are motivations lead us to join a terrorist group or steal from an armored truck. Motivations is what helps us justify our actions and are why’s. When we stare at are motivations, the realization to do becomes accountable from the thought process. In a short summation I may say. Master your thoughts and do not let them master you . What Motivates you? 





Gxlden Gxd The X is unknown The X is Unlimited


Gxlden Gxd is a Hip-Hop artist based out of Detroit, Michigan. The creative vessel has an imagination that is undeniable to any of his contemporaries in today’s hip-hop genre. With being compared to artist like Asap Rocky, MF Doom, and Eminem, he is the artist that stands alone. The rapper that thinks outside of the mold of what a rapper is considered to be. His penmanship ranges from words and images he draws. Gxlden is the artist that invites his audience into his imagination. Lyrics that are wacky with tongue and cheek sense of humor expressing his point of views, with great lyrical technicality from the mindset of a person facing the woes of the hood .  He embraces a  “survival of the fittest mentality” yet maintaining a sense of humor through imagery. In his cover of poison, “I love when motherfuckers think they fly, so I chop they chicken wings before a nigga fry”.  A psychopathic that  “Do it for the glory, I don’t do it for the fame, I do it and get gory with a saw and a chain”

Gxlden Gxd-MOE 

In MOE, Gxlden really becomes expressive in this track with hard hitting 808’s in the beginning to set the tone. Delivering a hook with an aggressive delivery, really getting the point accross saying he needs more. But more of what? As the track continues to progresses on, he further explains indepthly what’s the meaning of the hook. “Money over everything”, chanting the hook with subdued presence as the instrumental becomes lower. He really does need MOE, Money over everything. Before the beat drops an assisted vocal sample commands your attention before it reenters with a nice melodic structure. The snares has a Young chop/Kanye west influence written all over it. The beat sounds like trap mixed with dubstep. He kicks off his verse declaring his ambition for designer brands and living the upper echelon lifestyle with his squad. This is more than just a simple rap, wishing for the finer things, the flow behind this track is very expressive and has emotional undertones. This is a moment of honesty from the psychopathic lyrical slaughtering machine. “We poppin cops now ain’t no running from police, they calling us dogs now we coming off the leash.” . The life he live comes with tyranny and police brutality as he walks to the path of success. The instrumentation then fades off into a piano sample then kicks back off into the aggression that set this song off in the first place. “Blood on the leaves I’ll rake it when I wanna”. Money over everything and survival is necessary coming from the darkness that had birth us.

Gxlden Gxd- Invader Zim Freestyle

The 45 second track has a lot going on, that it leaves you wishing it was more than just 45 seconds. This soundtrack actually sounds like a soundtrack that is credited within movies. The use of the Invader Zim theme song with sound effects included. Sprinkled on with Zim’s sinister laugh. The song sounds like it would be the perfect intro for the television series if they needed a rapper on the vocal front of the track. The relentless multi-syllable rhyme pattern with heavy alliteration and rapid flow patterns show why this is an easy Eminem comparison. The imagery used behind this track sounds like a scene out of a ghetto hood ebony porno horror flick. (Timberlands Included)

Gxlden Gxd- Poison


The new jack swing cover of Bell Biv DeVoe club rockin’ seventies power funk song Poison has been utterly decimated and defeated by Gxlden Gxd. The relentless internal rhyme scheme displayed here is amazing.  Especially around the 0:55 second mark, his flow picks up, slicing and dicing the beat with fine choice of rhyme words. Changing his vocal delivery from his monotonous commanding rhythm to that of an slightly upper-register  voice inflection. Showing his versatility he has as an emcee.


The rapper also has artwork he draws. The images that you see on the soundcloud artwork has been hand drawn himself. All imagination and inner focus when he crafts his hand designed images. Maybe that is why his music has heavy use of imagery and metaphors that are as humorous and murderous as they get. The rap artist is breaking the mold of what a rap artist is considered to be. This is the new age of music and artistry brewing within the infantile stages of the development within his career.

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