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cropped-newdimensions.pngNapalm Spot is a media hosting outlet bringing information inside and outside of the metro Detroit area.  The goal of the business is to bring another platform where people can have a chance to host and share their content. Big or small we respect all platforms that have a vision.  In todays market, over saturation has taken place, causing us to not know what is the difference between the fake or the real. Napalm Spot will seek too push cultural and artistic boundaries within our community.  Starting the company it chooses to encompass everything that is larger than life. Artist not having their music noticed, along with other platforms. There is a bridge that needs to be built. We have many people that are very talented that goes unnoticed daily. While others with corporate entities or placed into certain positions by luck, gain all the notoriety without having to do little work. Napalm Spot said enough is enough, today will be the day I will start my own platform, become a business and put Detroit on as a whole. Being a different light pillar in our community as where it stands today. Also feel free to send us some of you’re work to be furthered review so we can host you’re content on Napalm Spot.


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