Afro Gypsy Music builds unexpected foregrounds of music landscape

Afro Gypsy direct message me to listen to their song, at first going into it, I thought I was signing up into some occult ritualism. Now you know, in any hood suburb, we almost get scared of the thought of occult. Why? Because, Goose Bumps aint got shit on me, and I swear I witch hunt on woke creatures that are on all things to an end, dining on Mcdonald cuisines.

But as I listened, I realized my ways of the woke where inaccurate for time to come, untill I realized this track is building into abstractism and sound. This idea is being taken to another level with this bright multi-colored music video provided by Afro Gypsy. The artist gives facial expression as she models facial paint that resembles tribialism and worship. This video will most def have you wondering, what kind of creativity will this artisit give to us next.

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