Reg Lauren Stares Napalm Spot Blu With Vibration





Reg Lauren gave his audience a great cut with Vibrations. The video was shot by Reg Lauren and edited by Vontethegawd and Reg Lauren. Napalm spots two favorite duo. As they was doing this under the Covid-19 lock down. They took the respritory risk by storm and got this done by storm. As two men with plumbers ass crack, they went to work. The video took hours upon hours with elements that no regular degular would do in these infectious times.

One thought on “Reg Lauren Stares Napalm Spot Blu With Vibration”

  1. You can tell the video was rushed lol it was not the best work , blue hotel was amazing and all the mini clips were so to wait for so long for that video not impressed, shaky not steady, looks like it was done in an basement

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