Let Me Walk With You

It is a lost dream in a place where divorce happens quite frequently. We believe we are strong enough to bare so much weight on our own shoulders. Can you believe in a context within society that says if you are an a**hole, you are more attractive. The nerve of people right ? When in reality the law of attraction pays off and you attract more people that bleeds the same a**holeishness as you. Some people I had a conversation with say that they are jealous of the people that they been together with since high school. I was one of those people who shared the same sentiment.

Can you imagine living up to sixty-years. Old in the face and grey in the hair ? Not knowing the true definition of love in a stable foundation. Only to be left alone old and sick, without no support. Of course, you do not want someone there for you just so your needs can be taken care of. You want someone there for you because they chose to fight through the storm with you. I want a significant other who is willing to walk on my battles with me. A friend and a confidant who I can lean on. Someone who I can slow down the outside world with, cause our world is filled with kindness and infection. Who wants to have something unstable in their life ? In the end I know where this will lead me. Down a road with no one who does not really care. People who are here just to use, not utilizing each others full potential in order to succeed for an ultimate goal consistent of; happiness, financial security, for an successful outcome beyond eons of my generation.

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