How Does Occultism Play A Role In Western Culture

Once upon a time someone that is suspected of witch-craft was to be burned at the stake. During The Salem Witch Trials, numerous people we’re executed by hanging for suspected use of Black Magick. It was unacceptable during this time period because of superstition people had during a time when Christianity was held to the upmost standard. Certain diseases and illnesses could not be discerned by the wisest of men.

Fast-forward to twenty-eighteen we have now seen the darkest imagery be accepted within current culture. I believe humans have always had a deep appreciation for the darker side of life. Art and occultism have a nature that flows together smoothly. Certain imagery and cues that can reflect the past. Since Anime has been adapted into western culture we can now see the shadow that fallows behind the life of dark magic. Blood+ main character Saya Otonashi drinks blood in order to boost her powers to considerable amounts. She is also able to use it as a source of healing her self. In Witch Craft there is a thing that practices Blood Magic. Using blood in order to use ritualistic spells in binding people to their flesh.

Ichigo Kurosaki can see dimensions that are not sensed by the normal human senses. He can teleport to different dimensions in order to slay ghost and free dead people from consumption of a hollow. I can compare this to an Ouija board and being able to connect to the realm of the non-living allegedly. Logos are quite reflective of religious practices and story-tellers that created spiritual beings. The star-bucks logo can be used as a representative of a Siren. A woman who calls to the men at sea, seducing them in-order to slay them at their whim. Life is a context that is made up of hidden-meanings through artifacts and stories that shaped the future of western culture today.

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