A Tribute Too The Almighty Dollar

I chose my hoe over marriage; this house for you’re dollar I would put into a homeless mans pocket, just to watch him trick it on vices. As I pull into corporate Americas drive-way, the man, “fuck your family and the sacrifices you made to get to this point. I want to see the dollars shake like my favorite hooker at hooters.  So I shall throw away employee training, give you reasons why you should stay by my side to continue working. You wake in the morning, only for your body to crave dead caucuses to feast upon,you pay with your money. Primal instinct is a beautiful thing when you survive in America. You instantly become like the super-villain Carnage. Laying hay-may only to feed the instincts you crave to fulfill within your minds prophecy.

The dollar has gave me reason to continue on showing support to my child success for a brighter tomorrow. I no longer have to stress about my kid fucking up, not showing to class, or them having a starving gut. As I feed my cattle, they only continue to show mental defect, making me have to kick them out the house, to find a way too survive on their own. The almighty dollar has made me become ruthless in the way I think. My family has became a unified unit because of this dollar.

I myself continue to wake and pray for this money I make. It keeps me wealthy, in fact, my health is just as important as my wealth-so why stress mental health ? This competiton factor has lead me to believe in climbing the ladder. I now make at-least sixteen dollars a hour, while still fishing in the great oceanic express I call America. Dollars help fund, big business, big prison and even help boom the steel industry. I voted for Donald Trump because he encompasses everything what it means to have a dollar. BIG BUSINESS 

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