Saajtak & Racehorses gave Detroit an Motown throw down at Trixies




The art rock community still give us music Motown can be proud of.  How can our natives not be proud of bands like RacehorsesAreResources and Saajtak.  They give Detroit out the box music we can not help but appreciate. Racehorses started the night out with low end rumble you can feel in you’re chest. The synths and baselines reminded me of sound designs that came off Vince staples recent album Summer Time 09.  Music that would be in an anarchist ethos demeanor as they cause mass mayhem throughout the streets on a dark night, ready to kick down doors and pillage n****a’s neighborhoods. 

Dylan Greene & Henry Birdsey gave a shredding Rock performance I really enjoyed. Their aggressive performance made me stand on a chair to catch the magnificence that was going on.  Ever have the urge to burn a flag, this is the band that will surely ready to have you break, destroy and throw a Molotov halfway cross the sky. 

Saajtak is absolutely stellar as always, Alex Koi vocals always amaze me over the electronic vibes that be the backdrop of their music. I am a fan of high octave powerhouse singers over beautiful triumph beats. They are always pushing the boundary through sonic perspective and music.


bands so majestic you can not help but to stare when they grace the stage…


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