1st Beautiful Fridays W/ Natasha “Beautiful Thought” At Detroit Vintage Coffee Shop


The Detroit Coffee House,located on 10335 W 8 Mile Rd. is the place to be. A warm interior decor surrounds the host and the guest. I was instantly at ease, then who I noticed on stage is Natasha ‘Beautiful Thought”. She introduced her self and explained the purpose of 1st Beautiful Fridays. She captured the audiences hope for the future of Detroit. She asked, “Name something positive going on inside of Detroit.”, A voice chimed in,”Family”, then another exclaimed.

“The artist community is growing through Economics, making the city thrive”.  

I dined on a turkey panini, courtesy of the five dollar voucher. Enjoying some of the most riveting poetry I had witnessed. It made me self reflected on my life. The host introduced a poet that told a piece about rebuilding you’re self. Dealing with the loss of love ones, and peaceful meditation too find love. The main lesson I learned within the confines of this venue is that hurt can not be used as a shield. Loving life is the power of healing and a step toward giving ones self, respect.


The venue was nice, I can see myself revisiting here. The books, the vibe and the stage is well put together. Very relaxed setting and nice.




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