The Rising Popularity of Bitcoins



Don’t you guys remember the 2015 movie DOPE ? Were the main character had to move dope off his smartphone and collect bitcoins to do the federal crime effortlessly. In recent years the popularity of bitcoin has skyrocketed through the roof. Investors are seeing the worth that they invested within bitcoin now has made them millionaires. Bitcoin has been accepted at some retail locations in the UK as another form of payment. Where did the origin of bitcoins stem from ?

Bitcoin started in 2009, the person who created this new era of purchasing is unknown. Users can have their identity concealed when making a purchase. Bitcoins were commonly tied together with illegal activity. It has been alleged that a man who has brought twenty-seven dollars worth of Bitcoins is now estimated a gross of 886,000 dollars in 2013. The value is always fluctuating up and down within it’s marketplace.

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