Domingo #2S2D, The man that never cries


The highly anticipated 2Sad2Die details the trauma Domingo Black faces within his life. The first track starts out with his inner voice speaking too the audience. Not knowing whether or not to trust himself, the world or words that are spoken into existence. A talented artist, his sound ranges from reverb delayed downtempo RNB to very soulful rap cuts. Domingo shows us he can still make songs that are structurally strong while delivering rap verses that can keep up with modern day lyricist.


Domingo style I would describe as expressive poetry. “The demons playing me I’m losing my mind and my soul” , “Enemies and friends are the reason I know the truth” . This tape maintains traditional hip-hop vibes while bringing the modern day vibes, marrying the sounds for a masterpiece. He relates to those that deals with suicide, depression, oppression and poverty. Also, Black is more than a hip-hop artist, he brings aesthetic through vision. Check out his Instagram page.

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