Jevonte DayKofa & Runny E Drops Tunnel Vision

Me And Emmanuel


Two long time collaborators dropped another song today “Tunnel Vision”. After dropping Legacies, they continue on their win streak of dropping traditional hip-hop records that still carry current culture trends. On Tunnel Vision they both rap higher conscious lyrics, rapping double timed with interchanging flows. The symbolism that both these rappers carry on these verses, show that these two are metaphorically and philosophically ahead of their time.

Runny E kicks the song off saying, “Fuck yo insight,  I got it envision, seeing the one with intentions, splendid chameleons, love when I’m heated and hate when im Chilling”. On the third verse Jevonte DayKofa raps tells from the hood and the omen that surrounds it. “Spirit teacher, gangster preacher, another ether cleaver seething reaper hand is cold as winter, I can hear the herses callin’, Re-rock like he dancin in it got a scholar ship from gymnast whippin.'”

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