Fixing Term Oil With Your Significant Other

We all reach a point in every relationship were we do not know whether to turn left, right or go forward. You think the best thing to do is walk away, the point of no return has been reached. You can not even stand of being in the same room as one another. Television has became more attractive than your significant other. What’s left to do, break up or file for divorce ?

I think the best option is to find the spark within your relationship again. Seeking new outlets together to explore, or going out on dates again. I think couples can fall apart due to school, work and balancing out your personal life. Jealousy can also tend to rise when we spend more time with other conquest than our own partners. Take time and enjoy life together, you may find it rewarding.

I also believe that sometimes, couples therapy may be a great outlet. Have you became a changed person overtime within the period of being together. Change is great, your partner has not been able to adjust. They may still think of you as a cheater that likes to have sex with everything that walks. Change can bring about fear or emotional scars. Seek couples therapy if you want to try and get it fixed. You guys we’re together through it all. Why let it go now ?


Write out the pro’s and Con’s of what you like about your relationship and see what can be done to improve them. 

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