HTC Vive is leaving Sony And Xbox in the past


HTC Vive is the future for the way we play games. You ever want to enter into an interactive world and actually feel like you are buss’n a cap in a N**** A**. Than the Vive is the next gen system you need. This headset will surely put analog consoles in the past. With it’s innovative technology you will be immersed into another landscape. The HTC Vive comes with over a thousand games to stream. This video gaming world offers a lot of diversity and comes with an app store so you can feel at home in this online realm of existence. Although the technology is different, it offers the same capabilities you can access on any electronic that has been created within this technological era. With game titles that grow at a rapid pace you will never grow tired of this console. With titles like, “Star Trek: Bridge Crew”, “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” and the soon to be released “Resident Evil VII Biohazard”, this console is the future of gaming.

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