Rosie And The Fellas- Caught In A Trap (Midwest Video Nominations)


Rosie And The Fellas have build a unique lane for themselves that has not been explored yet in Detroit. I would describe this eclectic music group as pop/punk/rap mixed in a gumbo pot to give an authentic flavor that is surely to die for. The video was done by JayShotIt, the sequence of shots that went into this video is very dynamic. It jumped from one scene to another. The first was a short skit, describing the difference between how a man and a woman thinks. Then it showed Rosie exiting her vehicle to meet up for a crazy party on the altar. The scenes jump in between Rosie propped against a tree and True Animal walking the street with his posse. To add extra flavor within the video, it showed the band performing their single with smoke surrounding their one of a kind stage presence. Make sure too keep up with Rosie And The Fellas and vote for them for the MWVMA Awards.  They are making power moves within the media industry.






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