KashTeam Next Up Tape


“Grew up in the struggle hitting on water on the stove, just to keep the house warm” 


KashTeam next up tape is truly a hood n**** classic. Each and every track on the “Next Up” tape is truly some sh** you can slang dope out the bando too.  The rap group resides in Lagrange Georgia. The southern accents over trap beats makes me feel like I’m listening to a certified hood classic.  If you went through the struggle, you can relate to the tape. Some qoutables from the tape.


“Most of these niggas some peons/I promise I never be none/ Might pull up with damn near three guns/caught bullet better hope you dion/In the hood and we smoking on pressure/Getting money over here no pressure/Fucking on yo hoe so flexing/ Told the lil nigga we next up”

On My Grind

“Got a lot on my mind/ Got to get my mama a house/ From the hood just tryna make it out”

“Im on my grind take it one step at a time”

“Its a lot of people that dont believe in us but when the money come they gone wanna chief with us”


Standout track: Trapstar


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