Jean-Michel Basquiat And Neo-Expressionism(The Punk Rock Artist)



Neo-Expressionism started in 1970, the art usually derives from drawings that rely on historical, political and even erotic subjects. Neo-Expressionism is describe as taking the social norms of society and creating a more distorted version of it. The paintings usually are ambiguous, showing a disturb state that created this artwork with intense colors that flow together wonderfully. Neo-Expressionism has a focus on romanticism with Mythology and Historical context.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a street smart painter who transitioned from being a graffiti artist to being one of the worlds most renowned Neo-Expressionist of his time. His artwork is currently valued at fifty-million dollars. Basquait mixed in urban art with a contemporary style; reintroducing the human subject in a unique way. His most notable works are, “Untitled”,  “Flexible”, and “Arm and Hammer II” .  In the 1980’s Jean-Michel Basquit collaborated with Andy-warhol. Both of their free spirited style of creation makes since as of why this would happen Both artist do not rely on a normal context when they craft their work of art. Their collaborations was featured on corporate logos and cartoons. At age twenty-five he exhibited a numerous amount of his paintings at the Kestner-Gesellschaft Gallery in Hanover, Germany. Making him one of the youngest artist to have a showcase there.


“Untitled” By Jean-Michel Basquiat 



“Arm And Hammer II” By Jean-Michel Basquiat 



“Flexible” By Jean-Michel Basquiat
















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