State Of Mind With JunesFlow Feat: Bri Of OhSoMedia





WhatUpDoeTV keeps a clear emphasis on Detroit culture. The team at WhatUpDoeTV brought a festivity to the inner cities that celebrates Hip-Hop culture. WhatUpDoe State Of Mind, great music with an atmosphere that is really authentic. They showcased great acts, energizing the crowd with the movement of their words. I sat back, in tune with the moment, really growing a deep appreciation from the city that I hail from. The vein of the underground lives within this venue. I was able to get an interview with JunesFlow and many others.

The interview with JunesFlow was amazing. I approached him, introducing myself, he asked me of my background and what I was into. I told him I attained a diploma in Broadcast Media Arts. We exchanged words, giving each other a quick view into each others world. This is what the host of WhatUpDoe State Of Mind had to say.

I also got an interview with the audio engineer Ulysses. Helping me set up, he located me to a spot that had an amazing mural of a crescent shaped moon. We discussed the economics of Detroit and what can be done to push the culture forward.

Dj Mix was an interview that inspired me as an person that is into Media Arts. We spoke briefly about what artist can do to help innovate the current state of mind that is; Detroit Hip-Hop.

We also got some interview clips of the artist that performed at the venue.


KiKi Waters…

Mark Cooper…

He is also having a release party for “The Jit” on 9/3/17…
Video Of Dj Mix and The Old Miami 

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