Baroudeur At Wayne State University





President Wilson kicked off a four day bike ride from Midland to Lakeport on 8/2/17 while preparing mentally and physically for the Baroudeur bike ride on 8/19 in Detroit which kicks off on Wayne State’s campus.  Envision bicycling through the abstract graffiti adorning the sides of historic buildings.  The beauty of Wayne State where midtown thrives off of culture and identity with people in the community smiling and having the time of their lives. Donations from the Baroudeur bike ride will  help circumventing college homelessness and contributing to Wayne State scholarships .

The Baroudeur bike ride will test dexterity, stamina and leg power. The purpose of the event is to seek donations for student scholarships and the HIGH (helping individuals go higher) Program. President Wilson of Wayne State University will also be riding with the people in the community.  Wilson has confabulated within various communities , expounding on helping individuals in the local communities to better themselves through college education.  This is the third consecutive year they achieved to help Wayne State University Students excel.


Peer Editor: Melody, Communications Journalism Graduate Of Wayne State University, May 2017


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