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Saturday August fourth marked a day in many Detroiters calendar. The Sidewalk Festival that took place in Artist Village. A robust culture with many different talents meeting up to embrace joy and unity. As I was walking down the street I was amazed by the diversity of the event. The Detroit Poetry Society were also there to speak on their involvement within the movie, “Detroit”. I also Interviewed a couple people and took some amazing pictures. The love I  received from the crowd there was amazing.


“This event is something different for the youth, it is an nice event. It gives people the chance too make money being creative. I found out this event last year through Naturally Fly. I started this business with my husband to craft something that represent my kids” – Kenyetta From ReadyTees


“The Sidewalk Festival is good for the youth too see more positive imagery. Expressing through creative outlets and showcasing their talents. It helps expand their horizon to see life differently.” – Ty-Juan From ReadyTees



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It is definitely an one of a kind event that is different. It is something for everybody that is here; does not matter if you are poor, rich, and your background. Everybody from the neighborhood meet up here to enjoy the positive vibes and see the duality that is in the city. You have Brightmoor that is not as affluent than around the way you have Rosedale Park, which is doing a lot better. The neighborhood here is unique, especially with all the murals.”- Brandon Burton AKA “Skillz”


“I found out this event through the Henry ford summer intensive program which my daughter actively participates in. I am all about her excelling within the arts. The Sidewalk Festival is very positive because it teaches the youth how to make something out of nothing”- Dorothy Dior

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“The Sidewalk Festival embraces positivity, it keeps the neighborhood together. It also gives people an opportunity to learn the area. It is new to me and beautiful. It is colorful, lively and a very friendly atmosphere. “- Tiany Williams


It is great for the youth too see different ranges of performances and different styles of performing arts. It helps mold the young mind, especially those that are with less privileged backgrounds too see something that is free but is high quality and unique. It is also great to see kids have fun. They also get too see adults make art. I would say the Sidewalk Festival helps make adults tune into an intuitive creative child like state.” – Vanessa from River Spirit


I also got an interview with one of the co-founders of the Detroit Poetry Society. Gabrielle Knox, I asked her how did the Detroit Poetry Society has had an impact in this movie and Detroit culture. This is what the poetic activist had to say.


“The opportunity to switch the narrative”- Gabrielle Knox From Detroit Poetry Society



More dope ass pictures I took and a video…

IMG_1212 IMG_1198IMG_1199.JPGIMG_1188


I also interviewed with Zac Brunell he also has a major influence in Detroit musical culture with the Detroit Bureau Of Sound. He finds unique experimental artist and helps give them a showcase for their talents. 

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