Bitter Sweet

Article Contributions By: Rain 


The beauty of aesthetics, the way you sway makes me move by your walk. Pink that sits lovely upon your chest top. Eyelashes that flutter when you feel emotions that can’t stop. What is love? Love is being attracted to the appeal of a person. Attraction comes when we recognize what we resonate with. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, some would say. I myself, instantly find woman with a mystical quality irresistible. She was that unique personality  that stood out from the rest.


Her imagination takes a hold, like how his arms caresses around her body, while enjoying the smell of his Calvin Klein cologne. She attracts too his entrepreneurial qualities that shows strength and determination. His comedic humor brought an aesthetic too how I attract too him.


You say this love is a dangerous thing, is that why you’re heart is so caged? Is that why you rather do everything alone? Maybe you’re right. When love goes wrong, hate can become the aftermath. But I beg to differ, if you love, than you can forgive. I strongly believe, If you love than you can love yourself. Just to forget what the last person did. You let hate turn you so cold, you let hate blur your vision as to how beautiful the world can be. It’s not love that is dangerous, it’s hate”


Even though he had missing pieces and cracks on every angle, he still had flowers growing from them. Cold is what the world made him out to be. What was blind to the eye was his heart, one that kept him warm but caged up with the key tossed into despair. He refused to let anyone touch it in fear that key becoming just as cold as his skin.


I say Love is everywhere but nowhere at the same time. If you put nothing but love onto this earth, there would be no such crimes. Where there is love there is complication. To love everyone yet love one single soul is proof. You love a field full of roses, but nothing compares to that only star that shines so bright in the sky. That’s why i’m attracted to you. The aesthetics of  your moves mesmerized my mood.




Rain is currently enrolling in Oakland Community College and have an interest in graphic designing and veterinarian work.  Thank you for all the contributions you made in helping the vision come alive.

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