The Internet Is Under Invasion By Our Government! Act Now!

The internet is a tool allowing the exchange of products and services; akin to the Silk Road that existed in 1877. But imagine a Silk Road where services can be brought, trade and sold at a faster rate. Students,on the pursuit of knowledge, have access to the best teachers around the world. The internet has also furthered the advancement of research; electronic files have never been so easier to access, allowing scientist around the world to collaborate. College degrees, in my opinion, has devalued thanks to the power of the internet. With the right knowledge,a person with ideas can become the millionaire of tomorrow. Not being in huge amount of debt thanks to student loans.

Stores like Walmart, Target and even Best Buy, face great threat thanks to online competitors. Consumers have more options and avoid taxation of the products they buy. People are afforded possibility, the power of choice is all in the click of a button. This allows more equal opportunity amongst the people. Increasing the probability to see success within a person’s lifetime. Not having to sit within the confines of an educational institution. All you need to succeed in the technological age is a good product and marketing campaign.  Employers are now using social media too screen their potential candidates for hire. Social media has also helped landed people better jobs too further their career. The internet has had great influence in our economic structure.

It has seen tremendous amount of growth, since computer scientist,Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web. It has reached such a peak the government and large corporations has interest in control of it. Imagine an online world where you have to pay more to visit your favorite websites. Giving start-up companies (like myself) a major downfall. Net Neutrality gives everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their content. People like Ajit V. Pai are hard at work, fighting against the idea of open internet. Taking away our freedom of speech, voice and the ability to share content. We have seen many movements grown into fabrics of American society, helping fight social injustices we face today. If Net Neutrality is broken, entrepreneurship in the digital age will be a thing of the past. The pursuit of knowledge will also be tampered with, giving less access to those not of fortune. Imagine living in a technological world; where you have to pay more money to access the content you like, over a tool that has been free to the public for over ten years. Many of us want freedom, internet has given us all a chance to experience that. The limitations that are placed on some has been lifted. I can read as much as I want. Watch as much movies as I want, an even know different types of people around the world. Music has also been thriving, giving more independent musicians,such as Chance The Rapper, a chance to be heard. Not relying on big corporations too have an influence on how we want to release our art and touch the people.  


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