Shh……. The Introvert is at work

Silence is the most powerful response in existence. For ourselves and even for others. Silence can also be used in certain practices, bringing the element of surprise in any situation or conversation. Silence can also be used too get in touch with your inner thoughts. A quote I also find of interest by Albert Einstein, “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”.

When you open you’re mouth to speak you are inviting trash to be received. Only speak when it is at something of value or people that value you. Add a mystery to you’re allure and give information that is needed. Why waste you’re mouth grovelling at the unnecessary details to only reveal more of yourself. I met some pretty quite people in my lifetime. These are the people who minds has conversed throughout a scenario with complete focus.  Not letting one word slip away to break their focus. Actually, sitting in solitude is a step in learning self love. You are not only valuing yourself, BUT ALSO THE INFORMATION YOU HOLD. 

Choose to break silence when met with company that adds value to what you do. Me personally, im not the strong silent type, but I choose to have conversation that will value and increase me, not decrease. Letting garbage evade your mental temple, you will be faced with the sign of the times from within. You give value to words by saying them, that is why I practice, “thinking before I speak”. I do not want certain phrases to invade my head to give an image that I do not want to think on. Spend a time of your day, today, if you may and sit in silence.  Your ideas will surely thank you.

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