Dear Hip-Hop, My open letter to the f*** s****


How have we come to this?   Shoving different colored pills down our throat. At first the cool thing was being materialistic. No, that was not good enough for you. You decided to up the ante and turn people into “savages”. But then that was not good enough ,and now you promote us killing ourselves through destructive habits. We have often over looked great acts because of how we been distracted with self inflicted songs promoting negativity.

They say this is what the people want, but what if this is a lie. What if I been program to believe this is what I want. I had to re-train my ears because of you. Because of you, I missed out on great acts like Capital Steez, Big Krit and even slept on Mick Jenkins. I been so used to hearing self-deprecation I thought that is what made good hip-hop.

The energy behind going outside and shooting somebody is not what Zulu Nation wanted for rap music. Something that was so innocent, started out in the back of parties, DJing disco records to keep the impoverished neighborhoods partying with good vibes. Has now became the staple of ride around with the pistol tucked away music. Now do not get me wrong. I came to realize that different types of stanzas are different ways rap artist use to express themselves. I love half of Futures catalogue and I think he adds a great spin on trap music. But why do we consider this the end all of rap music ? Where is the versatility, especially when it comes to versatility within the rougher parts of America. I’m talking about the “hood”, where prison rates are rising while the backdrop music fuels this anger of trying to fight the statistics.

Trap music came from the struggle, grit and grime. But the days of Jeezy and T.I. has long died.  Artist showing  critical thinking in song form is being diminished slowly. We now live in a current climate where chanting the same idea for a whole 10 songs is the new cool thing.

Why have you brainwashed a million other up and coming rappers, too think that the only way to make a “hit” is to rap about the same mundane topics over and over again and not push innovation. When in reality, it does not matter how great your song is, you need money and popularity to push the record. Does rap music only live in the club ? Does good rap music only exist within an atmosphere where liquor, half naked woman and loads of money is being tossed around?

With the “club” being what dictates a good hip-hop record, it has transformed the traditional sound, killing the essence of what it means to exercise your freedom of speech. You have the conscious rappers, rapping with undertones of a trap rapper. Using a triplet flow behind a 110 BPM beat while still trying to maintain lyrical integrity.  If it is not thumping your eardrums with overpowering bassline it is not “lit”. If it does not have a simple preschool melody it is not “lit” . If melody and complicated drums is important, you could easily get that from a 9th wonder or black thought instrumental.

With “money” and “popularity”, controlling what it means to release a rap record. It overshadows the raw talent. Putting everyone in the mindset, that this rap shit is all fun and games. “I’m here to get rich, and only for that purpose”. We have pimped our own culture to the point, outsiders barley respect us. Do not let yourself be persuaded by that check. Money is a great factor, yes, but money can be build within the communities hip-hop has came from. I know many great rap acts with an minimal fan base, and I support them to the fullest. Too the rap niggas and the trap niggas, too the artistic niggas. Do not let the over-hyped presence that surround certain acts  fool you.

We accept the less while we could have more. When as a culture we should not shun the people who promotes a message. But accept and embrace them. Why must they have to sell to you an image and promote a lifestyle that will lead you down the path of self destruction to sell records ? I think musically, structure and beat break downs are important. But why is this the defense of “trap music”. Is it boring because it does not have the topics of sex, murder and drugs. Does it lack musical depth because it does not sound like an overpowered 808 baseline. Do the image of the artist looks so unappealing to you that it makes the music “uncool” ? I accept and understand hip-hop has went through a evolution stage. But why hasn’t the topics progressed as well with it? Why does almost every beat sound like a club beat? While you scream money over bitches, I’m going to keep screaming, Question Everything! 

Think like a human being, an artist, and a entrepreneur. Do not embrace the ideology behind a rapper because it has changed from the long days of ago. 

 I am in defense of the other side of hip-hop, the true roots of what this shit stands for.  No longer shall we keep slandering rap acts that embrace true talent. 

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