Setbacks please step back.


After dealing with the power outage that was a widespread disaster throughout the Wayne county residence. I had a wrench thrown into my plans. I wanted to create more but was hindered with no electricity. Two weeks ago I had a loved one in a hospital. How could I create with the worry of a family member in mind? Things that are out of our control happens throughout time.

I was sitting with my mom discussing plans of the future and how negative energy can bring down a person’s success factor. As we were ruminating on the positive, the lights suddenly came back on. Television running, internet cut back on, and I had the electricity to power my media devices. VOLA! Just like that, I was back into the twenty first century. No more I had to feel I was living in ninety- sixty-three. Then  I had a momentary  flashback, telling my mother to stop expecting the power to be restored. When DTE estimated that it would be on by Friday 11:30 and was let down many of times. After reading that there were still over one hundred thousand customers without power, hope was dim. I expected the worst, a stale bologna sandwich with extra mold on the side, how much more horrible can it get?

There is no such thing as down without up. Yes, the power was off and yes it came back into effect eventually. During the time of me having the power off, I had time to self-reflect and access information I only can have available to me leaving the confines of my creative comfort zone. The will to overcome and stay focused on the end goal, will always persevere over the negative that is there. While sitting with my loved one in the hospital, I gained more knowledge and experience that is worth more than what I created. Setbacks are only there to remind you of why you are on your journey in the first place. Setbacks can sometimes open up more routes than you intended for to be opened. Setbacks can also reroute your journey to a greater destination in sight.  You can not have life without learning experiences. That is the only true way to grow.


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