Motivation was never patient I had to chase it. The Gift God Gave me



The father of five waking up every morning to the rising sun. He has a feeling of unsatisfaction everyday waking up. Why? He thought he was living the american dream, a beautiful job, beautiful wife and five children. He hears his kids bright screams chasing up the steps as they tell him they are ready to head out for school. His wife is easing herself out of bed as the sunlight beckons on her beautiful slim face. In the back of his mind he  fights an inner battle. He is slowly falling apart at the hands of pressure. But what keeps him going? Motivation, the motivation his job gives him when they make him feel a sense of belonging within their company culture. The motivation of his family, his kids, to support them and see prospering youth in this capitalistic dominated culture. When he looks at the brighter aspects like the morning sun that peeks through his window at the start of every day, he conquers. Although, he has bills to pay, wife laid off, and there fridge is practically empty with the last of their savings spent. The will to survive is what motivates him. What if motivation is bigger than money itself? Bigger than you and I, the blessing is bestowed everyday when we awake to the presence of today. That is the present, that is the blessing. The will to fight again. When a warrior is faced with a tough dilemma in battle, his will to succeed is what will drive him to victory. Motivation is the key component to tapping into your inner true self.  

Me being a rap artist that is musically inclined, blogs, endorses other content, pursuing a career in real estate and being the ambition monster I am. I ask myself what keeps me pushing? What are my motivations?  I actively do music but I see no payout for what I am doing.  The reward I received from me doing music is being connected to a culture within a culture that believes in my vision just as much as I do. A culture that is forward moving with thought, innovation and the will to be FREE. What I notice amongst all of us that are artist, we tend to be control freaks. The one who is always willing to fight with the hands of destiny to see the outcome overturn in our favor. Even when the odds stacked against us and ten percent of the earth’s population does music(this is not statistically LOL). The power of motivation is just as blinding as being struck by an arrow shot from cupid into are eye sockets. Not seeing the reality of what it is, but what it can be. 

That is when imagination is the power we hold as a human species. The power to believe and achieve is what drives motivation through the roof. Fantasizing the life we want to live instead of the life we we’re taught to live. Fantasizing for a better tomorrow. Fantasizing for a better life for the people we love. This is worth more than money itself.




Motivation and imagination is what every master magician utilizes to manifest imagination into reality 

Sometimes I may say are motivations may lead us down a path less traveled by those. What if are motivations lead us to join a terrorist group or steal from an armored truck. Motivations is what helps us justify our actions and are why’s. When we stare at are motivations, the realization to do becomes accountable from the thought process. In a short summation I may say. Master your thoughts and do not let them master you . What Motivates you? 





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