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Gxlden Gxd is a Hip-Hop artist based out of Detroit, Michigan. The creative vessel has an imagination that is undeniable to any of his contemporaries in today’s hip-hop genre. With being compared to artist like Asap Rocky, MF Doom, and Eminem, he is the artist that stands alone. The rapper that thinks outside of the mold of what a rapper is considered to be. His penmanship ranges from words and images he draws. Gxlden is the artist that invites his audience into his imagination. Lyrics that are wacky with tongue and cheek sense of humor expressing his point of views, with great lyrical technicality from the mindset of a person facing the woes of the hood .  He embraces a  “survival of the fittest mentality” yet maintaining a sense of humor through imagery. In his cover of poison, “I love when motherfuckers think they fly, so I chop they chicken wings before a nigga fry”.  A psychopathic that  “Do it for the glory, I don’t do it for the fame, I do it and get gory with a saw and a chain”

Gxlden Gxd-MOE 

In MOE, Gxlden really becomes expressive in this track with hard hitting 808’s in the beginning to set the tone. Delivering a hook with an aggressive delivery, really getting the point accross saying he needs more. But more of what? As the track continues to progresses on, he further explains indepthly what’s the meaning of the hook. “Money over everything”, chanting the hook with subdued presence as the instrumental becomes lower. He really does need MOE, Money over everything. Before the beat drops an assisted vocal sample commands your attention before it reenters with a nice melodic structure. The snares has a Young chop/Kanye west influence written all over it. The beat sounds like trap mixed with dubstep. He kicks off his verse declaring his ambition for designer brands and living the upper echelon lifestyle with his squad. This is more than just a simple rap, wishing for the finer things, the flow behind this track is very expressive and has emotional undertones. This is a moment of honesty from the psychopathic lyrical slaughtering machine. “We poppin cops now ain’t no running from police, they calling us dogs now we coming off the leash.” . The life he live comes with tyranny and police brutality as he walks to the path of success. The instrumentation then fades off into a piano sample then kicks back off into the aggression that set this song off in the first place. “Blood on the leaves I’ll rake it when I wanna”. Money over everything and survival is necessary coming from the darkness that had birth us.

Gxlden Gxd- Invader Zim Freestyle

The 45 second track has a lot going on, that it leaves you wishing it was more than just 45 seconds. This soundtrack actually sounds like a soundtrack that is credited within movies. The use of the Invader Zim theme song with sound effects included. Sprinkled on with Zim’s sinister laugh. The song sounds like it would be the perfect intro for the television series if they needed a rapper on the vocal front of the track. The relentless multi-syllable rhyme pattern with heavy alliteration and rapid flow patterns show why this is an easy Eminem comparison. The imagery used behind this track sounds like a scene out of a ghetto hood ebony porno horror flick. (Timberlands Included)

Gxlden Gxd- Poison


The new jack swing cover of Bell Biv DeVoe club rockin’ seventies power funk song Poison has been utterly decimated and defeated by Gxlden Gxd. The relentless internal rhyme scheme displayed here is amazing.  Especially around the 0:55 second mark, his flow picks up, slicing and dicing the beat with fine choice of rhyme words. Changing his vocal delivery from his monotonous commanding rhythm to that of an slightly upper-register  voice inflection. Showing his versatility he has as an emcee.


The rapper also has artwork he draws. The images that you see on the soundcloud artwork has been hand drawn himself. All imagination and inner focus when he crafts his hand designed images. Maybe that is why his music has heavy use of imagery and metaphors that are as humorous and murderous as they get. The rap artist is breaking the mold of what a rap artist is considered to be. This is the new age of music and artistry brewing within the infantile stages of the development within his career.

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